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The NL-33 AUTO MAXI is an air (pneumatic) operated heat seal press with double lower platens. Whilst one job is sealed you can already position the next job on the other platen. The NL-33 AUTO MAXI offers a foot switch operation of the machine and swings automatically to the other side.

The electronics are developed to make it very easy to set the required parameters like sealing time and temperature. The electronics can store five pre-defined settings so that changing for example from Flextrans to Truflex transfers is just a click. The electronics also offer a counter so that you can see what has been processed per batch. The counter can be reset at any time. The heating element gives a good spread all over the sealing surface without any "cold spots".


Set of lower platens
For this machine a set of 4 lower platens is available to give you full flexibility on the job you need to process. If you want on both sides the same size of platen you need two sets.
12 x 8 cm / 15 x 15 cm
12 x 45 cm / 25 x 30 cm
The platens can be exchanged in an instance without any tools required.

An optional table to support the machine is available.

Laser Pointer
A double laser pointer is available as an option for easy positioning of the transfer or emblem.

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