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Heat Seal Equipment Overview

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The HS-21-SQR offers you the latest in heat seal technology.

Being as compact as the HS-21 the HS-4C heat seal machine opens automatically at the end of the press cycle.

Whether labels, emblems or mending patches the HS11 features an optimum work area for easy and accurate product positioning prior of sealing. Simple fingertip controls permit quick and efficient operation.

The NL-14-PRO is a table-top, air operated heat seal press. It offers hand and foot switch operation of the machine. When operating the machine by the foot switch both hands are free to hold the item. A safety bracket around the upper platen secures safe operation.

NL-15-R & NL-15-SQR
The twin sealing heads enable the user to seal on one and align the garment on the other. This machine is perfectly suited for users with high production demands. A foot pedal is optional.

Table top heat seal machine with interchangable upper and lower platens. The machine is supplied with a sealing kit for caps.

This machine has a 22 x 32 cm iron that will rotate almost 180 degrees to allow patching at any angle.

The NL-27 is a hand operated large platen, 40 x 50 cm, heat seal press ideal for applying heat seal transfers and emblems to textile articles like T-shirts, Polo shirts, jackets, etc.

The NL-30 is a hand operated heat seal press that opens and swings away automatically after the sealing cycle is completed. The NL-30 is standard equipped with a sealing area of 400 x 450mm which is for most sealing jobs more than sufficient, optional other sizes lower platens and other accessories can be ordered to your needs.

The NL-33 AUTO MAXI is an air (pneumatic) operated heat seal press with double lower platens. Whilst one job is sealed you can already position the next job on the other platen.

The NL-35 is an air operated (pneumatic) heat seal press suitable for every heat seal job.

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