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The NL-27 is a hand operated large platen, 40 x 50 cm, heat seal press ideal for applying heat seal transfers and emblems to textile articles like T-shirts, Polo shirts, jackets, etc.

The sealing time and temperature can be easily set with the user friendly display unit. The timer range is between 1 second to 570 seconds and the temperature range is between 20°C to 220°C. When the sealing time set is reached an acoustic signal is given so that the machine can be opened.

Optional accessories for the NL-27 are:

A metal table to place the machine upon so that you have a solid workplace.

Nomex ® cover for lower platen
40 x 50cm or 25 x 30cm

Not only to protect the lower platen but also to make the removal of shirts after sealing easier since especially sports shirts slide off easier.

Platen Set
120 x 80mm / 150 x 150mm / 250 x 300mm / 120 x 450mm

Sponge rubber mat material that is used around the emblem or transfer during sealing to prevent showable imprints.

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