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NL-15-R & NL-15-SQR

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The NL-15-R / NL-15-SQR heat seal press combines advanced technology with modern ergonomic design. It heats up quickly and automatically turns into energy saving mode when not used for a while.

Twin Sealing Heads
The double lower platens enable you to use the press productively. This press is perfectly suited for high volume demand users. Is linen rental your business, then this press will increase the output of your stores significantly and the operators will welcome this sophisticated press.

Automatic Mode
The press can be set into automatic mode, in that case the press will come down automatically when the head is moved from one side to the other.
A robot pictogram in the display indicates when this mode is activated.

Round or Square
There are two versions of the NL-15. With the round platen the machine is more ergonomic because the operator will not have to move that much. The Square platens give more sealing surface especially when sealing emblems or transfers.

The NL-15-R / NL-15-SQR user friendly display with only 6 keys to control it all.

The use of compressed air is required. If you do not have compressed air available, DBA Technology can offer the Whisp-Air 50-24 silent compressor.

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