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Redesigned Durability
The HS-311 Alligator represents a redesign of the everpopularLS-11-R. The Alligator is a heat seal press that is built to last. Standard features include a 5" x 6" platen, digital readout, electronic heat controls and a wide-open work area. At equivalent air pressure, the Alligator generates greater interplaten pressure than any other bench model heat seal press, and it exceeds the interplaten pressure of most pedestal units. The result… less label loss!

Exchangeable Platens
Two optional exchangeable lower platens are available for convenient use in applying mending materials, heat-seal emblems, label identification tapes and hot paper transfers. They slide on and off the machine in seconds. By choosing the most suitable platen size for a specific job, you get greater concentration of heat and pressure where it’s needed.

Upper and lower platens can be reversed to apply Merrow edge or embroidered emblems. An optional kit is available which precludes the need to reverse the platens. Compressed air is required.

Large Work Area
Whether labels, emblems or mending patches the HS-11 features an optimum work area for easy and accurate product positioning prior to sealing.
Simple fingertip controls permit quick and efficient operation. The upper and lower platen can be heated.

Higher Output
The HS-11 comes standard with upper and lower platen heating. This feature reduces the sealing time and gives you higher output. The HS-11 is built for speed. The use of compressed air is required. If you do not have compressed air available Thermopatch can offer the silent compressor.

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