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Workwear Overview

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Workwear comes in all shapes and sizes, smart uniforms to bold outfits. In many cases it is even required to wear workwear. Workers donning workwear come into regular contact with the public. This makes theirgarments an essential part of the corporate identity of a company. Remember the bank employee, a waitress or service engineer: often at a glance it is clear for which company they work. Adding a high quality logo or transfer is an effective method to enhance the professional image and brand awareness. DBA Technology offers endless possibilities for workwear to enhance the corporate identity. From heatseal to embroidery, transfer to label, for any situation or requirement in this branch we offer a fitting solution.

Ready PLUS Emblems

Ready PLUS is the ideal solution for companies faced with the need to re-badge garment. This may be due to a rebranding exercise or perhaps the garment has a new user or it may be that there is a fault in the existing emblem or transfer.

Ready Emblems

Looking for a heat seal emblem for textiles that will represent the branding of your company or client that can be delivered fast, in nearly any shape, in any colour and that even could contain a photographic image... have a look at Ready Emblems.


Flextrans is the transfer that stretches with the fabric. Like Truflex, Flextrans images are highly defined and the colours are striking and strong. Any colour combination is possible as well as any size. Stretch your business with this excellent transfer!


Thermocrest emblems feature a characteristic texture. Without a doubt, these are the strongest emblems you can have! Our studio artists turn any design or sample illustration into a colourful emblem...

Ready FR non-burning sensation

A new kid on the block, Ready FR stands for flame retardancy. Ideally suited for use on textiles with the same fire retardant properties. Available in almost any shape or colour and produced meeting the severe EN 469 norm for fire fighting equipment.!

Hot Transfers

These transfers are printed onto a heat resistant kind of paper. Just send us a sample of your logo or a particular text, and a few weeks later you can provide all your fabrics with a sharp mark. Our heat seal machines need only five seconds to seal the transfer.


Truflex is a versatile emblem. Since the illustration, together with the thermoplastic glue, is fixed directly onto the garment, it has an excellent flexibility, even with the larger sizes. Truflex smoothly follows the folds of your garment!

Helmet Emblems

Helmet emblems are fade, peel and scuff resistant. The surface of the stickers is white. There may be a different background color selected from the READY color chart.


Sealing transfers onto sportswear and softshell articles always have the risk that the sublimation ink from the articles bleeds through and that the transfer is discoloured.


These products are particularly suited for those who work at night or in poor visibility like emergency services and maintenance engineers.

High Visibility

High visibility emblems are produced on the same grade of textile as Thermocrest but instead of the normal white finish to the textile, it has a high visibility finish. These emblems are currently available with a yellow, orange and red high visibility background.

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