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What is Truflex?
The Truflex transfer is a versatile one! Because of the special composition of the base material Truflex has the suppleness to follow the folds of the garment. This strong and versatile transfer is available in any colour and size combination. Obviously it is resistant to industrial cleaning. The transparency of the layer has strengthened the colour fastness and enables the positioning of the transfer.

Truflex is ideal for heavy use corporate work wear. This is especially true for garments used by the armed services, emergency services and companies in the security and safety industry. It is also perfectly suited for protective clothing with a flame retardant finish. In fact, in any environment where the garment is subject to heavy use. This transfer is in compliance with the safety requirements of the European norms EN 469, NEN ISO 11611 (replaces NEN EN 531) en NEN ISO 11612 (replaces NEN EN 533).

Many fabrics
Truflex can be used on virtually any kind of non stretchable fabric, including nylon, flame retardant and clean room material.

Truflex transfers are delivered with a minimum quantity of 25 pieces.
Flame retardant on Nomex®
EN ISO 14116:2008 3/5I/75
EN 469:2005
EN ISO 11612:2007
EN ISO 11611:2008

Truflex/Tru-Colour is now Oeko-Tex certified!

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