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Textile Labels Overview

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Enhance your corporate identity with our preprinted label tapes!
If you use one of our automated labelling systems, you have the opportunity of turning your name labels into individualized company emblems. Any design can be printed on these supple textile tapes, with the unique Thermopatch heat seal coating on the back. In combination with the versatile layout facilities of the labelling systems, you have complete freedom in designing your own company labels. Preprinted die cut tapes are used in the MakeYourMark labelling system. A Labelling system can be provided with an optical sensor that detects the exact cutting line for each label.

HiQ Thermal Textile Transfer Tape & Ink Ribbon
HiQ products have been designed for use in the HiQ printer series and the Y-940 Hippo. The soft, strong tapes have been developed to give the adhesion required for the industrial laundry industry on a label that can be printed by thermal transfer printers.

Hytex labels are self-adhesive, soft and strong labels with an excellent wash resistance.

CombiTex is the latest development for Thermal Transfer printing to label personalized garments and flatwork for nursing homes.

Med-Low is a label tape for Thermal Transfer printing with a low melt heat seal backing.

Die cut tape
For the practical Miniprint labelling system, DBA Technology offers a wide range of Thermopatch die cut heat seal tapes, both blank and preprinted with the logo of your choice.

If you are looking for a convenient way to make care labels (tagless) in house this is your system. Labeling garments, shirts, polos, underwear, etc. has never been easier no more waiting for labels to arrive.

HiQ products have been designed for use in HiQ printers and Y-940 Hippo. The supple, thin Initex tape gives a perfect adhesion. The ink ribbon guarantees a sharp print on the label, even after numerous industrial washings.

Thermopatch researchers have succeeded in applying a self-adhesive layer to the thermoplastic glue coating of our labelling materials and emblems. This opens a world of possibilities, only a few of which are pictured in this leaflet. For example, a Plytex label can be positioned onto the article before sealing-without falling off, curling or moving.

These label tapes are made of top quality poly-cotton fabrics, provided with a unique heat seal backing. Standard widths are: 50, 60, 82 and 88 mm. Other sizes are available on request. These label tapes are used in the Pentade and the old Minilogic and the Autoseal labelling systems.

Thermoseal Tape
Temporary, removable tags require a special low-temperature tape. The well-tested Thermoseal tape has been prepared for use in the labelling systems Y-151, Y-300, Rabbit Y-130, Y-140 and the Bunny.

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