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The introduction of Plytex technology will dramatically enhance your labelling technique without any new investments. Plytex labels are supplied on sheets, just like continuous stationery. Now you can organize your label production, to print even while you sleep!

New Technology
Plytex is a new technology, developed to solve many of your marking problems. It allows you to speed up your output and to increase your efficiency. Plytex is today’s best answer to your labelling requirements. Researchers have succeeded in applying a self-adhesive layer to the thermoplastic glue coating of our labelling materials and emblems. This opens a world of possibilities, only a few of which are pictured in this leaflet. For example, a Plytex label can be positioned onto the article before sealing without falling off, curling or moving. Just imagine the advantages, in particular when trying to apply a label on a collar or the top of breast pocket!

Saving Money
Just print a selection from your database on the sheets any time you wish. At the right time, the labels are positioned onto the matching textile provided that the textile is permeable and the heat seal operator only has to seal them in. A practical solution in situations where the sealing machine operator has little experience.

Improved Efficiency
Plytex offers you the perfect means to reduce time losses and common errors. For instance, when a new stock supply comes in, you can pre-label the items before putting them on stock. As soon as the article is issued, the label is sealed permanently.

Quality First
Plytex labelling technology adds superior quality to the service you offer your clients. The labels can be preprinted in our own print shops, where craftsmen can turn a plain label into a quality corporate identity product. We work with special screen print dyes which are fully resistant to industrial cleaning. Applying a pre-printed label to a corporate uniform demonstrates how this improves the image. You can reposition the labels as often as required until the customer is satisfied with the appearance.

Plytex is the result of our ongoing discussions with all the major players in the textile care industry over many years. The solutions we offer you are always developed with the same vision. Our main objective is to meet and if possible exceed our customer’s expectations by providing original products of the highest quality in the area of textile marking, identification and tracking.

Instead of rows of large matrix printers with a single roll of label tape, Plytex enables you to print a complete label stock overnight!

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