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What is Mediron?
DBA Technology has various possibilities of thermal transfer printing for labeling of personalized garments and flatwork in the healthcare institutions:
Mediron is a supple and strong tape, to be ironed until 185°C and slightly translucent.

Printing of labels
On the tape you can print a design using the thermal transfer printers HiQ-E4, HiQ-A4+ and HiQ-EOS. The design can be made in combination with the label print program Make Your Mark, so you can easily design and print a label yourself. The continuous tape can only be used in combination with the HiQ-A4+ and HiQ-EOS as these printers have a cutting device option.

Ideal combination
With the quick, user friendly HiQ printers, the tape and the label print program Make Your Mark you have the ideal combination to print high quality labels very easily. By using a heat seal press you can seal the labels without any problems on the textile and flatwork. Under Software & Equipment you will find a complete range of our heat seal presses.

Available media
Each package contains 2 rolls of 50 meter tape each and 1 ink ribbon of 104 meter. The number of labels to be printed depends on the type of media: continuous or pre-cut.
Mediron is available as continuous tape with a width of 30 mm, 40 mm, 50 mm, 60 mm, 80 mm and 90 mm, and as pre-cut tape in the sizes 38x12, 7 mm, 41x16 mm and 63x12 mm.

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