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What is Med-Low?
Med-Low is a label tape for Thermal Transfer printing with a low melt heat seal backing. The low melt glue offers sealing or applying with a domestic hand iron with lower temperatures, so ideal for applying labels onto delicate fabrics or label textile where no heat seal press machine is available, wet wash up to 40°C and dry cleaning resistant.

Available media
Colour: White
For the HiQ-e4 / HiQ-a4+ / HiQ-EOS-1 printer

Pre-cut 12,7 x 38 mm
12,7 x 63 mm
16 x 41 mm

Continuous tape for HiQ-1 /2 / a3 and a4+
40 mm
50 mm
60 mm

2 rolls of labels (2 x 50 m) and 1 ink ribbon (104 m) 80 mm or 110 mm wide (depends on the printer).

High density of information
As Med-Low is printed with the razor sharp Thermal Transfer technique the resolution is high. One small label can thus contain a lot of information.

With the label print program "Make Your Mark" it is very simple to design and print a label quickly!

Dot Matrix, Barcode, anything is possible with Med-Low. With the quick, user friendly HiQ-EOS-1 printer, Med-Low and our label print program Make Your Mark you can easily produce labels of a high quality!

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