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Paper hot transfers
Provide high-profile identification and marking economically with heat seal simplicity. Transfers are easy, quick and economical to use. Mark textiles with property markings, dates, colour-coded identification marks, decorative designs and more.

Textile decorating
Easy application transfers produce clear, legible, sharp images in seconds - images that retain their distinct appearance washing after washing. An economical and environmentally safe alternative. Try one yourself and judge the results! The transfers adhere dependably with any heat-seal press or a conventional hand iron. (Machine application is, of course, preferable for the uniformity of heat and pressure, but results either way are dazzling.) Time and temperature can vary with fabric. Thermopatch provides specific application information for your task upon request.

Anti theft protection
Transfers distinguish ownership, provide inventory control and furnish coding devices over a broad range of applications. Their flexibility and ease of application make them ideal for the display of graphics and type on almost any textile. Economical heat seal transfers enhance corporate image while adding theft deterrent on clothing or supplies of commercial linen with colour-coded corporate logos and property marks. Now, let us apply the benefits for you... The boundaries for transfers are almost limitless. Even the colours in your letterhead, logo or Pantone colours can be reliably matched. For a more accurate indication of your requirements, send us a rough sketch of your letterhead or design. Indicate the approximate size of the transfer, colour(s) and quantity. You’ll receive a prompt quotation on your requirements.

Property marking
Assists in sorting and distribution of linens and other textiles.

Personalize items by imprinting names and logos.

From T-shirts to tennis balls with whatever graphics you wish.

Maximum sizes
Maximum transfer height 18 cm
Maximum transfer width 23 cm
The minimum quantity to be ordered is 500 pieces.

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