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HiQ Thermal Tape & Ink Ribbon

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Continuous tape
Width: 30, 35, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 and 90mm Length roll: 50 m

Die-cut tape
Size label
(w x h) :
70 x 38 mm
80 x 19 mm
80 x 30 mm
90 x 25 mm
90 x 38 mm
90 x 50 mm
Length roll: 50 m
Colours: white, yellow, orange, red pink, blue, green
Die-cut tape can be preprinted.

Ink ribbon
Length: 104 m
Width: various widths
Colours ink ribbon for wet wash
Colour ink ribbon for dry cleaning

A good match
The packaging was designed to keep the tape and ink in sets to ensure product integrity through your washing processes. Each box contains two 50-meter rolls of tape and one 104-meter ink ribbon. The number of labels per roll will, of course, depend on the size of label you choose.

HiQ tape and ribbon
HiQ products have been designed for use in the HiQ printer and Y-940 Hippo. The soft, strong tapes have been developed to give the adhesion required for the industrial laundry industry on a label that can be printed by thermal transfer printers. The compatibility of the tape and the ribbon are an extremely important part of this system. These supplies have been developed to label any garment, including clean room material.

The possibilities
HiQ tape is soft and strong and the die cut tape can be preprinted.
Continuous HiQ tape can be cut or partially cut into labels by the HiQ-printer.
Your logo can be printed on every label, together with personalized text.
Die-cut (perforated) tape can be separated by hand.
Pre printed tape: the die-cut tape can be pre printed with your logo and/or text in any colour of colour combination you want.

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