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DBA Tracking Labels Overview

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Choosing the right label for your tracking needs

Choosing the right label for your needs can be very challenging. If you do not test your label barcode, QR Code or Datamatrix readability, size, adhesive, label material and print durability, you may  have a label that fails to serve its purpose or pay too much. The size of the label  is determined by the choice of Barcode or Matrix Code. Datamatrix is the most compact and 5mm square holds 10 digits and can be read on a Smartphone. If you add text and a logo the most common size for asset tracking on furniture computers etc. is 40mm x 20mm with a 15mm x 15 mm QR or Datamatrix code.

To get the best results with all labels you choose follow this easy guide:

  • TEST ADHESION on your product to ensure the tack is sufficient for the labels purpose;

  • TEST PRINT SCUFF for durability and continued legibility;

  • TEST RUB each label with the cleaners and chemicals the label will be exposed to in its day to day use;

  • TEST SCAN the Barcode, QR Code or Matrix Code to ensure readability after exposure.

Tracking Labels
For Automotive, Security, Electronics & Asset Tracking in Extreme Environmental Conditions (Laser Cut)
Chosen where label integrity is paramount

DBA Endura Laser Labels (L0, L1, L2, L7, L8 & L9) are DBA Technology’s premium labels and feature high print contrast, Hi-heat & Lo-cold diversity, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance and visible destructive tamper evidence. Multiple different size and shape labels are available as a set in a 100mm x 100mm pre-printed Mini-Sheet.  DBA Endura Laser Labels will replace a multitude of pre-made labels where odd shapes, tiny sizes and sub-mm text is required as a set.

Destructible Labels
For Indoor/Outdoor Security Marking, Security Seals & Asset Tracking
Chosen where Tampering with the label must be visible

DBA Endura D and DBA Endura DI are extremely difficult to peel off objects, even when applied to low energy surfaces. When removal is attempted, the material fractures easily preventing re-use. DBA Endura D offers a 5-year outdoor lifespan and a high level of abrasion and chemical resistance, thereby preventing variable data corruption. The DI is ideal for interior security marking applications such as asset tracking labels and tamper evident security seals.

Void Labels
For Automotive, Electronic PCB’s & Components, Security Seals, Warranty & Asset Tracking
Chosen where Tampering with the label voids the product warranty

DBA Endura V has instant tamper-indicating properties that reveal a compact irreversible "VOID" message upon removal of the label from the substrate. The compact "VOID" text makes it suitable for all shapes and sizes of labels. It is approved by leading automotive companies for interior and exterior use and widely employed by electronic goods, appliance and telecommunication manufacturers. These label stocks offer initial high tack and good adhesion to textured and high and low surface energy substrates, even at low temperatures.

Polyester Labels in White and Metallised Silver
For Electronics, Asset Tracking & Warehouse Shelving
Chosen for best price/performance is required

DBA Endura P1, P2 & SP products offer excellent printed image quality, dimensional stability, durability and heat/cold/moisture resistance and are designed to remain firmly affixed and clearly legible to the end of the product’s life. Ongoing research and development has led to innovations in the Poly range such as a recyclable, which uses a plastic film face made of the same material as the container. The advantage of this is that both component and label can be recycled in the same process, without removing the label first.

High Temp Labels
For Electronics, Appliance, Automotive & Asset Tracking
Chosen where the product undergoes thermal cycling during manufacture, like PCB soldering

DBA Endura Hi-Heat polyimide labels are designed to meet the increased performance demanded for use at extremely high temperatures. Hi-Heat label properties make them particularly suitable as Thermal Transfer printed barcode labels to be applied during printed circuit board production before extreme temperature exposure in lead free component soldering. The labels will also maintain whiteness, barcode legibility and adhesive performance when exposed to 300°C for up to one minute. Improved abrasion resistance, high-temp infrared and chemical cleaning resistance ensure the labels remain in place during the full printed circuit board assembly cycle.

Econo Labels
For Packaging, Shipping, Cold Storage & Retail
Chosen for short term use usually for retail use

DBA Endura E, SGE & DG (Dayglo) labels meet and exceed quality standards for visually pleasing general purpose labels for every day applications where quality may be sacrificed to meet a price point and durability is not too important.

Textile & RFID Labels
For Workwear, Linen, Scholar Clothing, Sportswear & Corporate Logos
Chosen where textiles need to be laundered, tracked and traced

DBA Endura Textile (T1, T2, T3, T4, T5, T6 & T7) and RFID labels enable laundries to process and track thousands of items of workwear, linen and other textiles on a daily basis. Our wide range of Textile labels are developed for intensive use and are designed to withstand multiple washings. A name label, company logo and barcode have to be as durable as the textile itself. DBA Technology provides high quality laundry labels and laundry labeling solutions to suit every requirement for professional and domestic use.

RFID Radio Frequency ID Labels
For Laundries, Textiles & Asset Tracking
Chosen where the label cannot be seen or in bulk track and tracing applications

RFID labels go beyond conventional labeling to add new dimensions to automatic tracking of multiple items simultaneously without sight of the label/tag. RFID is the only solution for tracking things in harsh and dirty environments or where a conventional label is easily damaged, like on dairy cattle ear tags. Our small and extremely thin RFID labels for Workwear and Linen tracking are easily attached to any textile using a standard heat sealing machine. They are extremely robust to withstand high temperature, industrial laundering and dry cleaning.

Healthcare Labels
For Test Tubes, Vials, Microscope Slides & Syringes
Chosen for the most extreme environments where security and durability is paramount

DBA Endura D and DBA Endura DI are extremely difficult to peel off objects. DBA Endura V has instant tamper-indicating properties that reveal a compact irreversible "VOID" message upon removal of the label from the substrate. DBA Endura C Thermal Transfer printed labels require no overlaminating film to protect your critical variable printed data. These labels have a cohesive bond high enough to withstand extreme thermal shock. The labels can be directly immersed in liquid nitrogen at -196°C without risk of delaminating. Users are also able to print the fine detail, batch and barcodes required for small vials and test-tubes, with confidence that all information is retained. DBA Endura C labels resist autoclave radiation, sterilisation and are resistant to the Xylene process used to clean microscope test slides.

Full Metal & Metallised Acrylic Labels
For Equipment
Chosen where an adhesive label is unsuitable especially in food processing where very alkaline washes destroy conventional labels

These are usually laser marked and tied with wire or riveted onto equipment. Any laser marked size or flat shape is available up to 100mm x 100mm. Engraved labels/panels are available up to 300mm x 200mm.

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