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When a label is subjected to extreme temperatures, extreme chemical exposure, extreme outdoor UV exposure and abrasion there is only one solution - the surface of the label needs to be permanently altered. Our polyimide laser markable materials can withstand the harshest treatment of any label material available today. To make this label virtually indestructible we remove a portion of the top layer to expose the contrasting colour of the underlying layer, leaving you with a black on white / white on black highly visible high contrast finish. DBA Endura Laser Labels are available in any size and shape from 5mm x 5mm up to 80mm x 80mm.

Polyonics has introduced a new family of laser markable label materials that comply with the FDA sponsored UDI (unique device identifier) initiative. The new high temperature and chemical resistant label materials have been tested to the UL/IEC 60601-1 and 61010-1 coating durability requirements. These tests cover new and legacy medical devices, sterilization autoclaves, detergent washers and laboratory equipment. The Polyonics laser markable materials fully comply with Title 21-Food and Drug, chapter 1, subchapter H requirements for UDI labeling.

Autoclave and Detergent UDI Applications
The Polyonics black and white LML materials include thermally stable polyimide films and durable cross-linked polymer topcoats that can be imaged and cut by a wide variety of low power CO2, fiber, YAG, Vanadate and UV lasers. The materials are resistant to high temperatures, steam and humidity plus a wide variety of  chemicals including those typically involved with detergent washing. The laser markable materials are rated for 3000+ sterilization and 1000+ detergent wash cycles.  
The materials include low surface energy (LSE) pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA) for adhering to a wide variety of plastics and metallic surfaces. All materials are REACH and RoHS compliant and halogen free plus the black versions also provide static dissipation to help protect components from ESD events.

Polyonics at a Glance
Polyonics manufactures high performance polymeric materials for harsh environments. These include printable and laser markable label materials, single and double coated engineered tapes and flexible substrates with highly reflective and printable top coats. Polyonics materials are used by OEMS and label and specialty die cut converters worldwide. The ultra-thin polyimide, polyester and aluminum materials are designed expressly for high temperatures and harsh environments plus provide flame retardant and static dissipative performances for electronics, automobile, aerospace and medical components.

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