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Seals your label
Combitrans overlay is a transparent seal, which is sealed on top of the label. This will give the label a higher washability.

Improved washability
The Combitrans layers are applied on top of the label whilst the label is sealed. After cooling down the paper can be removed. For the convenience of the user we have printed the TP logo on the reverse side of the paper so that it is easy to see what is the side that should be placed on the label.
Combitrans layers are sold per 1.000 units or multiples.

Use only DCR type of ink cassettes in combination with Combitrans.

The layers are available in the following 44 standard* sizes:
09 x 73mm        80 x 15mm        84 x 50mm           95 x 40mm
40 x 40mm        80 x 22mm        84 x 60mm         100 x 50mm
50 x 15mm        80 x 40mm        84 x 70mm         110 x 26mm
50 x 25mm        80 x 60mm        84 x 75mm         134 x 26mm
55 x 20mm        80 x 70mm        88 x 22mm         150 x 80mm
60 x 20mm        84 x 13mm        88 x 55mm
60 x 25mm        84 x 15mm        90 x 10mm
60 x 30mm        84 x 18mm        90 x 16mm
62 x 22mm        84 x 25mm        90 x 25mm
62 x 25mm        84 x 30mm        90 x 45mm
64 x 50mm        84 x 38mm        95 x 15mm
68 x 50mm        84 x 40mm        95 x 20mm
75 x 19mm        84 x 43mm        95 x 35mm
* Other sizes upon request.

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