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Complete Industrial and Professional Identification & Tracking Solutions
Thermopatch Durable Textile Labels,  Durable Industrial Labels and DataMars Radio Frequency ID (RFID) Tags & Scanners are backed with the industry leading technical support from DBA Technology.

Manufacturing and Laundries tag and track millions of items, including automotive parts, electronic products, medical healthcare items, workwear, linen and other textiles on a daily basis. DBA Automotive, Electronics, Healthcare and Textiles labels are developed for intensive use and are designed to last the lifetime of the products they are applied to. A name label with company logo and tracking number has to be as durable as the product itself. DBA Technology provides high quality labels and labeling solutions as well as labeling support equipment for in-house design and application to suit your every requirement. Call our Labeling Bureau for advice and pre-printed Laser, Asset and Textile labels to your specification.

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